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[Nejati] is an artist who confesses to the canvas. His body of work is the purest and most direct translation of his artistic practice; his very soul is burning bright in these works. Abstraction allows that. At the same time, these paintings are more complete than they may appear at first glance. They generate a quality of surrounding light, in addition to the quality and sensitivity of the brushstrokes, light and value, and atmosphere and all the other elements which can only be expressed by painting. Sam confesses to the canvas, expresses his innermost emotions, his work is suggestive of greater than physical reality. For him, the painting medium is to be or not to be, to feel or not to feel. Sam's best works remain equidistant between emotional distillations almost fiercely set down, and elaborations lingered over and refined. His creative genius bursts forth, so much brilliance and violence will be translated onto canvas, but at the same time restrained, color is sublimated in its pure tone and in carefully orchestrated combinations with other colors, it recovers its autonomy and independence. Once this emotion is committed to canvas, he can neither add nor take anything away. The symphony is written; no correction is possible.

--Robert Hughes (2010)




America offers Nejati the artistic freedom he longed for as a kid, and he doesn’t take it for granted. He knows he’s been given an opportunity, and it is up to him to capitalize on it. So he spends his days and many nights—he likes working into the wee hours of the morning—trying to perfect his craft. “In the U.S.,” he says, “you can create whatever you want, but you still have to create good things. It has to be good art and you have to be original. You have to have your own ideas, and you have to have something to say.” Luck for us Nejati seems to have plenty to say—metaphorically speaking, of course.

--ARTWORKS Magazine (Summer 2010)


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Sam Nejati molds his emotions through the layers of paint. He masses up his brush; he glistens wet paint across the canvas in an extraordinary and matchless way… At times, he applies it almost tentatively. The authority of his strokes resonates the breathing of the artist’s soul. The true impact of his work is not in its measurement, as large as they are. A scale from within generates the immense internal depth, which echoes to the world beyond the physical canvas.

Strong texture, bold lines and subtle colors are signature elements of Sam’s artwork. Nejati’s paintings are filled with multiple narratives trough hidden symbols. His work illustrates the core of human existence, manifesting the expedition into the realm of emotions through introspective paintings, which in turn, create an unadulterated and new narrative approach. Sam trusts intrinsic truth, theory, and intention within his subjects; the raison d’être of material existence. He chooses to create the image in the purest form of expression, transforming internal observations about the world outside into the external life from within. Observers will affix to the captured emotion; guided by experiences and perceptions to unlock the greater context of oeuvre, discovering the reality of painting and the image is therefore revealed.

--Marta Viteri, Art Critic (2009)





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