Langdon Quin lays in his paint with the slow deliberation of a builder. Unhurried accumulations of limpid color, married to careful drawing, lend an aristocratic calm to figures, landscape, the occasional still life. Grace notes abound. His colors recall frescoes on the church walls in the Italy that he paints with obvious love....This chromatic hint at celestial light makes magic out of very simple, homely motifs. A foretaste of Paradise carries over into his own New Hampshire backyard; an abandoned mill across water from a marina; a row of hedges along a rise, in autumn light.

Jacques Maritain in his essay "Art and Beauty" made the observation that "there can be no beauty unless the mind also is in some way rejoiced." It is precisely a quality of rejoicing--in things seen and things invented, in the stuff of paint, the disciplines of craft--that makes this show so satisfying.

--Maureen Mallarkey

Studio Matters

"Langdon Quin also paints directly from nature, though he often continues to develop his work later in the studio. He is a classicist by inclination, approaching painting with deliberation and a desire for harmony. Full of surprising spatial shifts and vivid colors that are rarely naturalistic, his work achieves a spirituality that has more to do with Piero della Francesca than traditional plein air painting. Quin is an artist whose sensitivity and responsiveness to nature give his work a timelessness worthy of its subject, evoking fifteenth century Italian paintings with a contemporary imagination.”

--William Bailey

Professor Emeritus, Yale School of Art

Historical and Contemporary Art Gallery, Atlanta Georgia


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Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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