Need one last blast of summer? Grace Short's multimedia works at Drabinsky Gallery are as sparkly and sun-dappled as a Pride parade float.

Working on tall, narrow rectangular panels, Short juxtaposes mandalas and bubbles against polka dots and rings, metallics (mainly tarnished silvers and a shiny tin hue) against bright, creamy dollops of white, egg yolk, and red-wine coloured paint, fine lines and stripe patterns against small blocks and rough, barnyard brushstrokes.

Lined up along the gallery's walls, the free-standing panels reminded me of embroidered scarves, streams bombarded by falling leaves (and midday sun) or picture puzzles tossed into the air. However, don't misread Short's kinetic hand – underneath all the busyness lies a meticulousness that borders on the maniacal, a careful pointillism that would be just as at home in the making of wax-and-dip Easter eggs.

--R.M. Vaughan


September 23, 2011

Historical and Contemporary Art Gallery, Atlanta Georgia


690 Miami Circle NE, Ste 905, Atlanta, GA 30324    Tel: 404 814-1811                                                                            

Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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