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Photo essay on Forest McMullin's images of black "Cowboys: The Movies May Have Forgotten About Them, but Black Cowboys Are Thriving" by Jordan G. Teicher in

Huffington Post

"Behold, The Largely Unseen History Of Black Cowboys (And Cowgirls)" Stunning black-and-white images of ranchers, riders, calf ropers and herders.

Read the article here. 

Huffington Post

"Taboo’ Photos Reveal The Dual Lives Of Everyday People Who Practice BDSM (NSFW)" 

Forest McMullin has spent a significant portion of his photography career snapping photos of what he calls “fringe social groups.” With his camera, he offers an intimate glance into the lives of everyone from incarcerated men in New York to members of religious supremacist groups in Pennsylvania, highlighting — with a documentary lens — some often unseen fragments of American culture.

Such is the case in his series “Day & Night.” In it, the Atlanta-based photographer captures portraits of men and women who live dual lives. During the day, they are mothers and businessmen in the South who lead “normal” lives — or, at least, publicly acceptable lives that conform to constructed social norms. At night, however, McMullin’s subjects are committed advocates of BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism). They are swingers, dominatrixes, and dungeon masters who break through sexual taboos with pleasure. Read more here.

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