​On the Verge: Jason Craighead

Walter Magazine, January 2014

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“One would be hard-pressed to make a direct coorelation between Craighead’s art and the cityscape. But the imprint is there in [his] spatial mapping, in his insistent gestural layering of painted and pencil-drawn lines, which are in turn layered and brushed over with pale washes that read as fog or atmosphere, a tangible exploration of the idea of air and space…”

– -- Amy White, The Independent Weekly

“If you have never seen [Jason’s] paintings before, they have the definite vibe of abstract expressionism, and they conjure up ghosts of everyone from Motherwell to Franz Kline to Cy Twombly.”

– -- Louis St. Lewis, Metro Magazine

“His urban vision is one of ladders and cranes, Franz Kline-inflected black calligraphic strokes, whitewashed by Pollock-like drips, reinscribed by tentative pencil and charcoal scrawls… Beneath the curtains of poured paint, edges of color and hidden activity hint at the processes of building and rebuilding that are part of both making a painting and making a city.”

–-- Michele Natale, Raleigh News & Observer

“These paintings are all about tearing down and rebuilding… [The artist] does this by laying on the paint, destroying the paint by covering it with more paint and then bringing the paint back. The compositions reveal as they conceal and offer many moments of contemplation. As the viewer, you do not see it immediately. You may think you are finished with the picture and turn away, but if you return, you see something that you did not see before.”

– -- Blue Greenberg, The Durham Herald-Sun

Selected Publications:

Triangle Art Review.com, 2001
Lather Weekly, April 2003
The Lancaster News, July 2003
Metro Magazine, July 2003
Inside the Beltline.com, June 2003
The News And Observer, March 2004
The News And Observer, March 2005
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The Herald Sun, February 2007
The News and Observer, March 2007
Artsramble.com, March 2007
American Art Collector, October 2007
The Independent Weekly, February 2008
Metro Magazine, July 2008
The Raleigh Downtowner, November 2008

Selected Public and Private Collections:
City of Raleigh- Raleigh, NC
Senator John Edwards Office-US Senate-Washington, DC
Exploris Museum-Raleigh, NC
Zaytoun & Miller, PLLC-Raleigh, NC
Frazier’s-Raleigh, NC
Humble Pie-Raleigh, NC
Steve Guggenheim PLLC-Raleigh, NC
O2 Fitness-Cary, NC
Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Hunter Industries- Cary, NC
The Dawson on Morgan- Raleigh, NC
J. Davis Architects-Raleigh, NC
Bernie and Katie Reeves- Raleigh, NC
Rob and Kimberly Humphries-Washington DC

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