Scott French

Four Seasons Blocks

Scott French’s small landscape blocks are true labors of love.  First he constructs the ‘blocks’ gluing together long strips of wood to the requisite thickness and height of 2.5 inches. He then paints from one end of the long strip to the other, changing palette and mood as inspiration guides him. Only after the painting is complete does he “find” the individual exquisite small landscapes within the long painting, choosing 2.5 or 5-inch lengths to become Four Seasons Blocks. Not every inch of painting is chosen.  Larger ‘blocks’ are painted on thin wood panels.


Scott then designs, builds, finishes, and paints the ‘frames’ himself to create the finished piece. Truly a labor of love, they are, he says a form of relaxation and daydreaming.  The results are unfailingly pleasing to the eye and imagination of the viewer.


Above is a small sampling. Many more are available. 


Three Sizes, all oil on wood in artist-made frames:

2.5 x 2.5 inches (5 x 5 inches, framed)              $95

2.5 x 5 inches (5 x 7 inches, framed)                 $150

7.5 x 7 inches, 9 x 9 inches, framed)                 $235

Historical and Contemporary Art Gallery, Atlanta Georgia


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Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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