Interview with Donald Beal, Painting Perceptions, March 2017

Donald Beal's work breaks new ground in a gentle but inviting manner; his use of color and light are only devices designed to accent his unique sense of observation. What sets Beal's expression apart from those of his formers, however, is the lens from which he gazes. His perspective of nature is, in a sobering yet enlightening style, reflective of himself. “I'm more interested in coming up with a voice that communicates something felt," said Beal. "Rather than (highlighting the beauty of a location), I'd rather add something that makes the viewer or myself feel something. In some way, it translates experience; it somehow gives voice to experience." …"I'm not trying to literally make the things in front of me," said Beal. "It's really a frantic, intuitive conversation, a contemplation of what's out in front of me, what it's like to be there at that moment."


--Ben Runnels


Donald Beal's instinct for color is deeply appealing. And instinct it is. Color sense cannot be forced. It has to come of itself, rather as memories do, by natural association and unbidden, long after striving for it has ceased.


Read the full review of Donald Beal by Maureen Mullarkey here.


--Maureen Mullarkey



"But even with my long association and familiarity with Beal's work, his newest exhibition, simply titled Donald Beal: Selected Works was a revelation to me."

--Don Wilkinson 


Read the full review of Donald Beal's selected works by Don Wilkinson here.

Video profile of Donald Beal by Carol Pugliese (2009)

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